What is YASLI?

As you have already read before, YASLI stands for

"Yet another simple LDAP Interface".

YASLI is a couple of Perlscripts which all together makes up an
Webinterface for simple, secure and straightforward Administration
of LDAP Users and Groups.

It's been designed  for 1st level administration of user attributes.
if you are looking for an web-based tool, which enables you or
colleagues to easily add, modify or delete users defined in an
tree, then this is probably the right tool for you.

If you're looking for an tool to administer or build up an complete
LDAP, then this is definitively not the right tool for you (but if
you've done
your LDAP structure entities and attributes, then you
might find this tool handy).

The current release is v0.1 and as you can imagin this stands only
for an limited set
of features.

Actualy you can only do the following:

What does it look like? Take a short look at the screenshot of the search page.

So, whats on the TODO-List: