Everything started as I began to replace an rather old Netscape Proxy with
an recent SQUID Proxy at on of my customers premises. From the early beginning
on Netscape used very consequently its own directory server to authenticate user.
Also my customers LDAP database contains about thousand users which need to
authenticate again the Netscape Directory Server, before they're able to
access the web via the proxy.

After migrating the users to an OpenLDAP and setup SQUID to first authenticate
users against the OpenLDAP before granting webaccess to them, we realized we
also need something like the Netscape web-based Admin-Interface to maintain
the SQUID users. Because of the fact, that the 1st level user maintainance is
not done by skilled network- or system-administrators, but by the lower skilled
hotline staff.

Two weeks researching and testing public available tools brought me to the
decision to write such an tool by myself and so YASLI v0.1 took place.

Release v0.1 (initial):